Therapeutic Support/Counselling 

Our Team 

The therapeutic supports or Individual counselling will be provided by Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) registered Social Worker who is also a retired professional tennis player. The core fundamental of counselling plan will focus on to build 

  • Overall Confidence 
  • Skills to tackle bullying and personality development

Therapeutic Support NDIS

Building Overall Confidence 

Long-term confidence building require care, attention, and honesty. By communicating in a safe space with a therapist to facilitate the discussion, you can delve into issues, discover new ways of connecting, and learn healthy, constructive ways to build confidence.

Build Confidence NDIS

Skills to tackle bullying and personality development

We will help you to build skills that fits your personality and tell your story. You will become professional, light hearted and quirky when It comes to handling  difficult social situations. 


For initial meeting we provide two options :
1. Either you can come to our Werrington Office 
2. Or We can visit you at your home or Coffee shop near by